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Aino.ar is democratizing design, by developing the easiest 3D configurator & sales tool for any physical or virtual space or product. Built-in AR/VR, instant and unlimited photorealistic renderings and videos, price & carbon footprint calculations, CMS & e-commerce integrations. All browser-based (desktop & mobile) and wrapped up in a fast, fun and intuitive experience available for a monthly price (SaaS). Your products. Virtually everywhere

ai|coustics is pioneering innovative audio algorithms based on AI and Deep Learning models and fundamentally improving the capabilities of Speech Audio Enhancement in digital communication and media content.

We've rebranded! Formerly Dims, now Ambient. With Ambient we're still building a collaborative game engine to make high-performance multiplayer games and 3D applications, powered by WebAssembly, Rust and WebGPU.

Atopia is a platform that allows you to visit any museum, gallery, heritage site, or music ensemble from the comfort of your own home - in VR or on your laptop.

Brainspark Games is an Edtech Gaming studio, building free, culturally inclusive, AI-powered, Augmented Reality educational mobile games, aligned with the UK national curriculum.

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At Distance Technologies, we have created the world’s first glasses-free mixed reality solution. This fundamentally changes how people see and interact with the world around them.

Doublepoint is a touch interface company. We enable upcoming computing platforms with intuitive, robust, and versatile touch-based interactions. Our first product is a machine learning algorithm that detects microgestures using smartwatch sensors and compute (prev. Port 6).

Flow-computing has technology provides 100 X performance boost over current CPUs. This unprecedented performance is accomplished with our patented technologies: Thick control flow technology Cost-efficient synchronization True shared caches/memory We also guarantee full backwards compatibility for all existing code base and applications.

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GEEIQ is a London-based data platform and insights provider that enables some of the world's biggest brands, including H&M, L'Oreal, and even Elton John, to navigate the virtual world. We empower brands of every shape and size to create long-term, data-led virtual strategies that enrich the experience of untapped virtual communities, grow addressable audiences, and create sustainable revenue streams in this new marketing and communications vertical. Our platform leverages data from across the vast landscape of virtual gaming and social environments to enable benchmarking against branded virtual activations, competitor analysis, partner and influencer identification, as well as a deeper understanding of audience affinities and demographics. For our Premium and Enterprise subscribers, our in-house experts provide bespoke reporting and long-term virtual strategy curation that are focused on tangible measurement and attribution, rather than positive PR and metaverse ‘hype’.

Graswald engages in the creation of natural and digital 3D worlds for the entertainment industry. The company offers nature models and 3D vegetation that can be used in virtual worlds. A variety of variant groupings are available in Graswald to produce photoreal ecosystems in various variants.

Haven is a mixed-reality platform building the future of immersive mental well-being.

Iconic AI
Iconic AI
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The world’s first AI-native AAA game factory. Building iconic universes. For everyone.